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Bukit Lawang, Sumatra, Indonesia


Click to enlargeOrangutans like Bukit Lawang and we hope you also will. Stay with us and we will see to that. Watch these beautiful animals up close in their natural environment. Enjoy a trek in the jungle, rafting or tubing in the clear river. Explore the village, sing and play guitar with the locals, or just relax in a hammock overlooking the river. Do it with us.


It is our job to make your stay memorable. Stay at our comfortable guest house with four nice rooms overlooking the river side. Enjoy eating in our restaurant and relax with a drink in our bar. Jungle Tribe is owned and managed by Agus Tiawan, locally called Agun. If you arrive in Bukit Lawang by yourself, just walk upriver on the right-hand side. You find us in the upper end, near the river passing to the Orangutan feeding. For transportation click here.

Next to Jungle Tribe are the jungle and the river. We are ready to show you both. Go trekking with our licensed guides in one of the greatest national parks in the world, Gunung Leuser National Park. You will not regret it. We are happy to give you suggestions on different treks.

Contact us for questions and bookings:

Jungle Tribe Guest House & Jungle Bar
Tel: +62 813 6174 6375

We have four rooms on the river side:
  • 2 double room with one king-sized bed, mosquito net, hammock and fan. A private balcony overlooking the river and jungle. Complete with an attached bathroom with shower and western style toilet. Rp. 200-250.000,- per night.
  • 2 double rooms with one king-sized bed, mosquito net, and fan. Rooms a bit smaller and further from river. A private balcony overlooking the river and jungle. Complete with an attached bathroom with shower and western style toilet. Rp. 100-150.000,- per night.
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Go rafting with professional rafting organizers and go tubing. Glide down the river and take it all in.

Click to enlargeClick to enlargeBukit Lawang is an ideal place to do treks into Gunung Leuser National Park – both for experienced and for beginners. There are suitable treks for everyone, for very fit trekkers and for the lazy ones. We arrange the trek that you want. Easy or tough terrain, from a half day, up to a week or longer. Your happiness is our future.

We are happy to assist with all your travel needs and bookings in Indonesia. We can arrange transport from Medan (in a nice 4 wheel drive or in a more basic mini-van), change money, arrange accommodation, tubing, rafting, and help you plan and book the rest of your trip.

Example of a combined one day trekking/tubing:

Click to enlargeEarly breakfast at 7:00, then head out to Orangutan feeding platform to catch morning feeding.
Trek for 1.5 hours, stopping for breaks when needed. Lunch in the jungle, provided by guides. Trek for another 1.5 hours.
Meet up with another guide who is waiting by the river with tubes, and ride the rapids back to Bukit Lawang!

If you are interested in longer-term volunteer experiences, like helping out in a school, let us know and we can try to help you make these arrangements.



We do more than jungle. Let us take you further! We can help arrange both guided tours and non-guided tours to:

  • The biggest crater lake in the World; Lake Toba and the unique culture of the Bataks.
  • The elephants in Tangkahan where you can ride in the jungle on a free born elephant.
  • The turtles, kayaking, fishing and coral islands of Pulau Banyak.
  • The amazing diving on Pulau Weh.


Click to enlargeBukit Lawang is located 96 kms west of Medan, the biggest city on Sumatra, on the edge of Gunung Leuser National Park. Click to enlargeIt is famous for its many Orangutans, wild animals and nice jungles with caves and rivers. At the feeding platform for rehabilitated Orangutans you get an amazing opportunity to see the animals up close.
See more under Bukit Lawang.

Researchers fear that the Orangutans will not survive due to continued habitat loss due logging and plantations. Income generated by sustainable tourism is one way to help people understand the value of protecting these important animals.


Click to enlargeRemember - as hard as it can be to resist, DO NOT feed or touch the Orangutans - it is very dangerous for the Orangutans because human illnesses can easily be passed to them through contact and then the illness can spread through the whole Orangutan community. You should stay at least 10 meters away from any Orangutan. See more about Orangutans


See In The Jungle for more information and tips.

Click to enlargeAgus was born in Bukit Lawang. As a boy spend many hours fishing in the rivers and looking for honey in the jungle. He worked as an assistant guide for many before he became a licensed guide in 1997. Agus is involved in a growing ecotourism network, works to educate the local population, and organizes environmental clean-up days. Agus and his friends follow the rules and doesn’t allow their guests feed or touch the Orangutans, and try to encourage other guides to follow the same park rules.




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